Why choosing DogWatch®?
- we answer you to any request within maximum 2 hours
- the products have the warranted quality by DogWatch® trade mark
the lifelong guarantee to all the outdoor systems
- the products are fast delivered directly by the stock within 24 hours
professional  assistance and support services
safety and unique benefits that the DogWatch provide 

At DogWatch, we understand that your quadrupedal is an important family member. Therefore, our protective systems are the latest and safest. Yet since 1990, we have been making happy the pet animals, by innovative solutions, which grant them protection and liberty of movement.

Despite the traditional fences, made of wood or chains, the quadrupedal cannot jump over them, tear or get rid of them. There are much cheaper and safer than the traditional fences and can be easily adapted to limit the safety areas around the garden, playing area of the children, pool or any other prohibited areas.

The invisible fences DogWatch are the most trustful enclosing systems and provide you unique safety and comfort features, which you cannot find to any other products.
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